Our lawyers take the words of the Dalai Lama to heart. We aspire to leave you in a better place than in which we found you. We are a boutique immigration law firm founded by a first-generation immigrant. We are compassionate, independent minded, creative thinkers. We not only study immigration law and policy, but as immigrants, we have lived it.

Clients often express their appreciation for our honesty in dealing with their legal matters from the very first time they speak with us. We do not tell people what we think they want to hear in order to bait them into giving us their business. We tell our clients what is possible, what isn't and what could be possible under current immigration rules and policy. We do not promise people the world, take their money and fail to deliver. No lawyer can or should promise a certain outcome. With us, you will know where you stand. We will be honest with you, even if that means you won't like what you hear and choose to take your business elsewhere. 

At our firm, clients communicate directly with a knowledgeable immigration attorney at all times. Our lawyers return calls and answer emails in a timely fashion. We never use paralegals or legal assistants to answer our client's questions or address their concerns. All the work on a client's case is completed by a lawyer, from start to finish, period. No exceptions.

We understand that not everyone was lucky enough to have been born in the United States. Our journey is not unlike yours. We too have struggled, had setbacks and have wrestled with immigration rules and regulations. Who better than us, to help your corporation, your family or even yourself, wrestle with those same barriers to success.